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You must be 18 years of age to create a profile or chat in heimishchat room

(1) We do not accept body parts for a profile picture otherwise it will be removed. 
(2) You can not use a vulgar name as your heimish Chat screen name Please respect all Owners, Moderators, members, and all users
(3) if an owner or moderator private messages you to change your heimishchat screen name please do so 
(4)Attacking people & gossip can be damaging & extremely hurtful to others. If you are being harassed by any member you can contact an owner/moderator or click their name and press the ignore button.

(5) No Links to any chat room,  If anyone sends you a Private message to another  chatroom, please please let know a  owner/moderator.
(6) Do not impersonate any member on this site by using there screen name.
(7)Do not post anyone’s real name or information in the main chat room or in private messages.  
(8) No all caps in chat room.
(9) Do not take, steal, copy or re-distribute any content from our site.

  IF ANY RULES ARE BROKEN YOU WILL BE GIVEN A VERBAL WARNING FIRST IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE BY AN OWNER OR MODERATOR, THEN A KICK & THEN A BAN. ...In addition to the above rules, Heimishchat moderators have the right to create and enforce rules they deem appropriate





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